Future Challenges

The Diocese has grown substantially since its founding in 1972.  Over the years, churches, schools, clinics, houses of prayer and institutions were built to serve the needs of the local communities and their people.  For the most part, the priests and the religious sisters undertake the work and manage the daily challenges in all of the diocesan endeavors.  Still additional financial help is needed to maintain many of outreach ministries.  The needs of the people across the Diocese are too many to list here.  Be certain that with new resources many more positive activities and possibilities can address the abject poverty that exists in the Himalayas. With resources coming from those who willingly identify with and share the burdens of their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ across the globe, new priests can be educated, and boys and girls --  men and women for whom hope today is but a dream --  can see their future change.
These local residents can use all the help that they can get.  Will you help?

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