Diocese of Bijnor spreads the Word of God through charitable services for the holistic development of the people -- BODY, MIND & SPIRIT -- in this far off region of the Himalayas by educating the forgotten; serving the mentally and physically challenged as well as, the visually impaired; the deaf and dumb; the orphaned; the lepers and the bedridden destitutes. Furthermore, the priests and sisters of the Diocese minister to the pastoral needs of all who come into their care.

In 1972 Bishop Gratian Mundadan, CMI, www.cmi.in ,along with other CMI priests began their work among the poor throughout the fledgling Diocese of Bijnor. Priests from the Congregation of Mary Immaculate came from the state of Kerala, in the southernmost part of India, 3000 km. away. At the end of their journey to this region with its difficult geographical terrain and extreme climate the religious began an intimate relationship with the regional communities---men and women from different cultures, with new languages, customs, foods and ways of life. In the beginning, there were no Catholics in the region. That was then. Now, we are proud to report that there are more than 4,000 Catholics in the area. The rugged unwavering faith of those early priests and later the religious sister who joined them spread the Good News of the Gospels by their acts of charity and the recognition of the humanity they shared with the people.

The Diocese of Bijnor remains affiliated with Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, www.cbci.in and The Holy See in Rome, www.vatican.va, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Catholic_dioceses_(alphabetical)

With abundant grace of God and the support of friends in India and abroad the Diocese has grown in the number of Catholics and the services offered to the people. From near and far resources poured into the region. They multiplied a hundredfold, the manifestation of God’s love for the people. Bishop Gratian, CMI www.facebook.com/gratian.mundadan , led the Diocese till in 2009 at which time he handed over the leadership to Bishop John Vadakel, CMI. www.facebook.com/vadakel.john

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Bishop John Vadakel

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Bishop Gratian Mundadan