Our Mission & Vision



To support the humanitarian and spiritual developmental activities of the Catholic Diocese of Bijnor in Uttarakhand.

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We are people of faith committed to supporting the faith-journey of our members and demonstrating our love of God and of our neighbor.

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To love God and our neighbor, to respect human dignity, to serve the marginalized, and to support the forgotten members of the communities.

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About Us

“Friends of Bijnor” (FOB) is a group of well-wishers and supporters that supports the developmental activities of the Diocese of Bijnor, situated in the northern part of India, through their psychological, spiritual and material assistance.

The diocese of Bijnor is spread across 6 civil districts of Uttarakhand, namely, Pauri-Garhwal, Chamoli, Rudraprayag, Haridwar, Uttarkashi and New Tehri and 1 civil district of Uttar Pradesh, namely, Bijnor.





Pastoral Care

The Diocese has 49 students studying for priesthood. These young men begin their initially study in one of the four minor Seminaries of the Diocese.

Care for Destitute

Premdham, a most remarkable home-like place, is run by priests and other volunteers who take care 80 plus young boys and men.

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Vocational Training

Working hand-in hand religious sisters and priests together run four Ashadeep Centers for Education & Rehabilitation and the Maria Ashram, Home for Women.

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The Diocese is served by 175 religious sisters from several different congregations. Living in 43 convents spread out across

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We Believe

We Can Save More Lifes With You

A Child in a relief camp

Providing medicine at the Flood Affected

Students at a Non- Formal School

Training for Village Girls

Who Is

Friends Of Bijnor

Bishop John Vadakel

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Bishop Gratian Mundadan

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Bishop Vincent Nellaiparambil

( President )
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De-addiction center

De-Addiction and Rehabilitation Centre

The Mission Diocese of Bijnor is establishing a state-of-the-art De-Addiction and Rehabilitation Centre at Najibabad, Uttar Pradesh, in northern India, an impoverished area with a shockingly high addiction rate among its people. The Centre and its program will include:

  • A spacious and fully equipped De-Addiction and Rehabilitation Centre